Social media are basically interactive technologies which enable the creation or expression/exchange/aggregations of ideas, careers, passion, personal interest, and other such forms of emotional expression through social networks and virtual communities. A lot of these social network sites have grown to gigantic proportions, with millions of their users. Social media sites include MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Friendster, and a host of others. The latest addition to this list is the online social networking site LinkedIn. The concept of LinkedIn is quite simple; it is a popular website where professionals (in any field) can network and share ideas.

While most of us are quite familiar with the concept of social media networking, what many people do not know is that there are many additional ways in which social media may be utilized. Many people who are involved with social networks are also quite familiar with multi-tasking, as they use several different applications at once (such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) However, you don’t just need one or two applications for multi-tasking; it’s important that you understand how social media may be utilized to increase your efficiency while using multiple applications at once. In fact, several studies have been conducted to prove the point that social media may even improve your job performance and employee motivation.

One very intriguing application of social media is done through 1 Password, which allows you to combine your work and social media experience in one convenient interface. With 1 Password, you can manage and track your various social media channels from within your business mobile application. With this innovative application you will be able to see what your audience is actually talking about, which will allow you to make relevant adjustments to your marketing strategy and overall business strategies.

High-end HK Live brands have recently entered the street style market, most notably Paul Helbers. The brand gives young people the freedom to proudly and freely express themselves through the use of color and style. A 16-year-old Belgian student started this brand by creating his own custom designs for customers. Since then, Paul Helbers has opened stores in Milan, London, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, expanding into the world of fashion distribution. With its eye-catching advertisements on well-known social networking sites like Instagram, this global presence has assisted the brand in becoming a global phenomenon.

Street wear is steadily overtaking other trends in the fashion world for a variety of reasons. These clothes aren’t just affordable and available; they’re also cozy and fashionable. These clothes have been produced by numerous designers, but Helbers and Thomasville stand out above the rest. But whether or not individual designers will be able to capitalize on this expanding market and turn themselves into the world’s center of high end fashion is still largely up to them.