Social media are interactive online technologies which allow the sharing or creation/exchange/interaction of various types of content through social networks and virtual communities. The latest form of Social Media in action is Blogging. Blogging allows users to create and post on their blogs the content they like. Since Blogging requires no writing skill it can be easily made into a Learning Platform for both Schools & Colleges & University’s Alumni Associations.

To begin with, when we talk about Social Media we refer to a number of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ & MySpace. These are some of the most popular Social Media across the world and are used by millions of users, everyday. But how can these platforms be effectively used for Training purposes? In fact today you can easily create your own personalized learning platform, which helps you to interact with your potential students and provide the latest information about any topic/subject. This in turn helps you in creating awareness about your upcoming events, seminars, guest speakers and many more.

By building your own personal platform, you can interact with students, faculties & alumni and thus make a positive impact in the minds of students. With messaging on these platforms you can reach out to a large number of people, quickly and easily. Through effective use of multimedia, you can create a good impression on your audience and spread your knowledge faster through informative & visual mediums. Overall, Social Media allows you to connect with your target audience and spread your message faster through multiple social networks and messaging platforms.