A mobile phone, hand phone or even hand phone, sometimes shortened to just mobile phone or simply mobile phone, is a mobile phone that can make and receive phone calls via a wireless signal over a wireless network while the user is traveling within a phone service area. The term mobile phone can apply to any type of mobile phone which is designed to be used on a wireless basis for communication purposes. The technology involved in this form of phone has come a long way from the first simple cell phone, which was invented over forty years ago.

In the last ten years or so, with the growth of cellular service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, there has been an incredible explosion in the size of the mobile marketplace. With the expansion in the size of the marketplace, the competition has become more fierce in terms of both the quality and price of the services offered by each of the different cellular providers. One way to ensure that you will get the best value for your money is to do some basic research into the various cell phone plans and carriers that are available to you and decide which would be the most convenient and best plan for you. Of course you should also take into consideration the fact that there are many different plans that are available that will meet your individual cellular data usage needs. Most plans allow you to choose how much cellular data you want to use on any particular day and this can be tailored to meet your individual usage needs.

As the mobile and wireless technology advances, the capabilities of the average smartphone will continue to grow along with their inbuilt storage and memory capability. Recently, Verizon announced that it will be allowing users of its Wildfire and Boost Mobile services to download video and music apps to their phones so that they can listen to their favourite songs on the go. This makes the selection of mobile applications even greater than ever before. Because more people are using their smartphones to stream music and watch videos, there will be an increasing demand for additional storage space and additional memory to accommodate this usage.