Tech Guide

Contractor Management Software Review

Tech Guide is an online publication which is dedicated to providing information about all aspects of the computer technology. headquartered in San Francisco, Tech Guide is an online resource of general user tech news, reviews and recommendations. It includes timely news, features and reviews about technology, as well as important industry news and market analysis.

The information on this site includes a number of useful services like e-mail alerts when new articles or blog posts are added. They also have an archive section which highlights past issues and upcoming events. Tech Guide also offers an application called contractor management software which allows users to keep tabs on the latest software solutions and news. This is a very user friendly application which allows the user to search, categorize, sort and group any information on the web. It has searchable links to major search engines, vendor sites, contact Us page with a simple click of mouse, an advanced calendar which provides a list of upcoming events and links to any individual pages as well as archives, a user-friendly photo gallery, an e-mail notification service and RSS feeds.

The various sections of the site offer user friendly navigation and easy access to basic information on computers, laptops, desktop and Internet computing. It has special sections on media, business, education, computers, computer hardware, office equipment and networking. There is a large variety of articles on the topics of technology, computer news, computer industry news, user’s manual, first-movers in the computer industry, security measures, personal computers, personal information and computer repairs. The site also offers a free e-zine, a tech guide newsletter, free PC magazines and a PC repair shop directory.