A mobile phone, short for mobile phone or cell phone, cellular phone or simply cell, phone and sometimes shortened to just cell, phone or hand phone, can simply make and receive telephone calls over a wireless communication network while the user is traveling within a defined telephone service area while the telephone is in operation. Most cellular phones are equipped with a unique identifying signal called a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) code which is carried within the voice data. The user will receive a series of nine digits to their telephone to indicate which network and subnetwork they are communicating on. The most popular international wireless networks include CDMA (Cellular Debit and Multicast Data Cellular), FLEX ( Firearms Exchange), GSM (General Mobile Satellite Service), CDMA (Digital Subscriber Lines), and UMTS (Unified Mobile Telephone Service).

Some of these networks are supported by additional features such as call waiting, caller ID, hold, call forwarding and others. In general, a cell-phone user has an option to choose from a variety of communication services provided by the cell phone company including voice mail, data, text messaging and Internet browsing. The choice of service plans that come with various models will depend on the type of network that is used in the particular country, and some of the largest mobile phone companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry and others have created a new class of devices known as “smartphones” which also come equipped with Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) codes and support a variety of networks worldwide.

One of the advantages of mobile phones is that they are capable of functioning in a manner much similar to laptops. Many modern smartphones have the ability to synch with a computer via Bluetooth technology allowing users to stay connected to files, emails and other applications even when the primary wireless network is not functioning. Mobile phones can also be used as digital camera and video recorders, with the ability to upload data to a personal media player or to their respective home computers. Some models also include a built-in camera capable of both video and audio recording. With these devices, it is possible for people to make secure and confidential mobile phone calls, which is convenient for businesspeople who need to conduct meetings over the telephone without being divulged to the public.