A mobile phone, also known as cell phone or cell, handheld, mini phone or hand phone, can easily make and receive phone calls on a cellular phone signal while the user is traveling within a conventional phone service area. The term “cell phone” is used to describe and distinguish a device that is used to make and receive phone calls from a conventional handset. It also can be used to describe a hand held communication device that has some unique properties of both a cell phone and a conventional telephone. Cell phones can use the Internet and can provide various applications such as Internet calling, voice mail, instant messaging, gaming, and many other features that make them unique. These phones also have a miniature keyboard with large buttons that allow you to operate the phone without having to touch any buttons.

In order to receive a call from a mobile phone signal, a user will need to connect the mobile phone to a wireless base station that broadcasts the signal. A wireless base station is not a landline, like a home phone network, but rather a system of small transmitters that are mounted on the roof of a building. The system consists of a group of transmitters that each have a distinct address which is programmed into the cell phone device. Each unit has a unique frequency that is broadcast to a specifically designated area where the unit can pick up the call. The advantage of this system is that there is no communication drop between the mobile phone network and the base station.

There are two different types of systems that allow users to make phone calls on the move. These systems are referred to as GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) and CDMA ( Code Division Multiple Access). In the GSM system, a user can use a sim card in a compatible cell phone to make calls while traveling. The GSM technology allows users to receive calls while they are away from a specified destination, and also to make calls while they are near the location of their base station. For the CDMA system, a phone has to be equipped with a specific chip that will allow it to accept signals from other mobile phones. The CDMA system has been very popular among business professionals who make a lot of international mobile phone calls because they do not want to miss any calls because of a signal interference problem.