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Technology Guide is an independent web site providing information about the latest technologies and new applications to consumers. headquartered in San Francisco, California, Tech Guide offers media, networking and technology coverage around the entire networking and technology industry, focusing on the consumer. It also publishes industry news, data and industry research. For more than a decade, Tech Guide has consistently ranked it the best online publication covering consumer electronics, PC’s, networking, home appliances, networking devices and consumer information and technology. The company is owned by Digital Content Corporation.

The aim and mission of The PC Advisor are to bring you expert and experienced information about the hottest new technologies and the best companies in the market that use these technologies. This is a valuable resource for savvy PC owners who want to do their homework before buying a new computer or adding a network. A Computer Advisor can help you decide which technology suits your particular needs best. They also offer information on networking, desktop systems, laptops and other technologies that may be of interest.

Tech Guide offers a very unique take on information technology and provides information on today’s trends, the newest products on the market, and how these products can help you make an informed decision on the type of network that is right for you. By providing an up-to-date assessment of current trends in the information technology market, and an overview of the network planning, industry events, and forecast, they offer consumers a resource to help them become more familiar with the latest technology. Tech Guide’s mission is to provide consumers with the latest in information technology news and enable them to plan for an IT network that meets their unique needs.