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Tech Guide – Apple MacBook Pro Streaming Service Announcement

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Recently, we took a look at the 75th anniversary celebration of one of the most well-known consumer electronics brands in the world-BT, and found some interesting information on their involvement in the industry. Among other things, we learned that BT had been working closely with Cisco to promote new business opportunities for the company through the installation of a streaming service at BT’s headquarters in London. In this article, we take a look at what the streaming service meant for the company, the importance of streaming in terms of increasing customer satisfaction, and why BT is one of the most trusted names in the electronics market today.

As the 75th anniversary celebration of one of the most iconic consumer electronics companies came to a close, it was interesting to learn that Cisco had worked closely with BT to develop the streaming service. What does this mean for the aspiring entrepreneur? It means that you might want to read this tech guide episode on the newest product from Apple, the Apple MacBook Pro, which was also announced on this date. We take a look at how Apple accomplished one of the biggest product announcements of recent history, and why the MacBook Pro is considered a revolution.