Tech Guide

Tech Guide for High School and College Students

If you’re a high school or college student, there is an incredibly wide variety of resources on the web that can help you prepare for your future career. Most high schools have websites that offer teachers, parents, and other educators loads of information about how to prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (or any other area). The websites tend to be very detailed and offer not only advice on subjects like homework, but also helpful tools to prepare students for these careers. For example, a student tech guide is a student-oriented website focusing on helping students prepare for a future in technology.

There are also numerous free resources for students on the web, many of which offer information regarding computer skills. Computer Weekly is one such website that offers tips and tutorials on how to get the most out of Microsoft Office and other software solutions. The weekly magazine ITworld takes college students on a journey to give them the inside scoop on the hottest software innovations of the season. Students can also go on blogs that offer insider information on upcoming product releases, news, and trends. And for those who want to really prepare, there are free download programs for students that can take an entire semester of study into the computer age.

But perhaps the most effective and accessible resource for high school or college students today is the computer itself. There are many free programs and websites that let students use a virtual desktop to practice computing skills and develop their digital skills in a fun way. These tech guides not only walk a learner through the basic functions of Windows and its programs, but also allow them to create a network or connect to a printer. They can even scan documents and print them, both through the PC’s built-in printer or through a third-party printer. Best of all, the programs do not need any type of tech savvy for students to utilize them, and often have multimedia features such as video tutorials to help students with common processes.