Social Media

What Are The Main Benefits Of Social Media For Marketers?

Social media refer to internet based technologies which allow the exchange or generation of communication, ideas, interests, opinions and other types of personal expression through various virtual communities and networks, typically accessible to a limited range of users (usually defined by geographical location). Examples of social media include blogging, micro-blogging, networking on instant messaging systems, video marketing and social network websites like Facebook and Twitter. Social media can also refer to the development of new applications on the Internet, including games, applications for social interaction, and sites for social self-expression such as MySpace and Face book. The social nature of the Internet has given rise to many different communities on the Internet, each with their own distinctive characteristics.

Pew Research has found that social media users are more attached to their friends and family than to their work or job; however, they share online activities very broadly. Other key factors that emerge from a look at the current survey results is that people are very attached to the online social activities of others. For example, when the participant is asked about what they do for fun online, they say that they regularly visit MySpace, Facebook and other networking sites. These are some of the most popular, trusted and earliest places where people gather to interact.

Social media is not limited to the Internet; it can also take place in “real” life situations. Pew Research also asked survey participants about what types of people they would be most comfortable meeting at a party or other gathering. The majority of respondents said that they would not be comfortable with some of the things that are associated with social networking networks such as parties, clubs and work places. Surprisingly, the number one reason for avoiding these places was the expense. People did not report spending any money at these networking events, but they felt that it would be easier to spend money at a “real” party instead of a social media event.

It is important to remember that people can be turned off by many of the features of social media because they feel that it takes too much time to keep up with what is happening in their lives. However, there is one thing that all users can agree on: social media allows us to share our lives with friends and family all over the world. Social media networks are only getting bigger and more developed as the internet grows into the next decade. In the coming years, the largest social media networks will be even more important for entrepreneurs to get involved in.