What exactly is a mobile phone? A mobile phone is a small hand-held electronic device that generally has one or more keypads, a speaker and microphone, and a battery. Cell phones are smaller and more convenient than their larger, Walkman-style cousins. Hand phones, sometimes shortened to just hand the phone or hand cell phone, is also a smaller, more compact portable phone that will make and receive calls via a radio signal transmitted by the base unit of the unit while the user is in proximity to the receiver.

What kind of mobile phones are available? There are many different styles, models and brands that can be found for most any need. Smartphones, like the iPhone and Android, are popular for their ease of use, power, applications and multimedia capabilities. Tablets are portable and often come equipped with data services to download to the unit or to connect wirelessly to a host computer or other portable device.

Which operating systems do most people want to use? The majority of new mobile phones come pre-loaded with the majority of the operating systems that consumers want to have access to. Consumers can decide to choose from a range of operating systems including Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Blackberry OS X. Most people are familiar with Windows Mobile and can select from the standard Windows interface, which runs on most smartphones manufactured today. Many consumers, however, prefer the increased functionality provided by Android, which runs on most popular Android phones and has received great reviews from consumers. Symbian and Blackberry users also have choices with their mobile devices as most new devices utilize the Windows interface and most carriers offer the feature for free with a contract with these carriers.