Social media are basically interactive technology which enable the generation or sharing/exchange/transaction of ideas, interests, opinions, and various types of expression through virtual online communities and social networks. With the recent boom in social media, companies are finding new methods to get in touch with their target market, to promote and sell their products and services. Social media is fast becoming the most popular method for businesses to reach out to people. There are a lot of advantages if a company engages into social media marketing and there are also a lot of disadvantages.

The advantages of social networking sites are very vast. It is the best platform to find new clients and to interact with them. Most of the customers visit the websites through social networking sites and by creating profiles and connecting with friends; you can easily find a niche for your business. Also, most of the users on the social media platforms are active users so they would be interested in your products and services, so you are sure that your profile will be liked by a majority of the users.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages too. One of the biggest disadvantages is that these sites are populated with a lot of fake profiles. These people are usually spammers and there is no way for you to differentiate between the real ones and the fake ones. Also, fake profiles are usually created to cause negative effects to the ratings of the websites they are linked with. So, it is better to post your information on well-known and high traffic social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.