Tech Guide is an ultimate resource of unbiased user tech news and technical reviews for any product or service. Headquartered out of San Francisco, Tech Guide is among the leading sources of info on technology trends and products. They publish weekly newsletters with some of the best articles, internet tips, and product and service highlights available online. Along with product and service highlights, they publish newsletters with important upcoming events including Product vs. Tech Guide, a weekly post listing significant tech events.

A few of my favorite articles that appear regularly in Tech Guide include: My Taking a Vacation With a Wi-Fi Roulette Device, How to Cure Coronary Heart Disease by Opening a Computer Terminal, and The Five Essential Types of a Wi-Fi Router. My favorite tech guide of all time was published over two years ago and has consistently received positive reviews. This guide was released for free as a promotion to celebrate the launch of the new Tech Guide for Smart Consumers. I highly recommend giving the tech guide a try. I use Tech Guide on a daily basis and I haven’t found a single negative comment.

Last month’s winner of the “Tech Guide” contest was the cyberaware/d2l brightspace. The cyberaware/d2l brightspace combines three popular applications: the transit manager, the bus tracker, and the smartphone. The brightspace integrates seamlessly with the existing bus fare payment system while providing real time bus arrival information. The smartphone portion of the tech guide describes the onedrive application which is a web browser specifically designed for the smart phone. The onedrive application is a great tool for anyone who has access to a smartphone and would like to stay up to date on bus arrival information.