Social Media is interactive online technologies which allow the generation or sharing/ exchange of information, opinions, career goals, hobbies, and other such forms of expression through virtual communities and online networks. Social Media can be described as a set of web based tools that allow users to easily interact with each other and share their experiences on a specific topic. Social Media provides users with the ability to form, join and participate in forums, blogs, user groups, and social network sites. These networks are made up of millions of people who have similar interest and that can help each other out on reaching their goals. Social Media allows users to share user opinions, news, discussions, text, graphics, video, photos and any other form of content through these sites.

Unlike traditional media, Social Media does not directly represent an entity. Social Media is a form of interactive website, blog, forum, and social network that enable two-way communication. Unlike the traditional media, Social Media does not require a third party moderator, third-party advertiser, or other third party entities that have control and influence over a topic or commercial product.

Traditional Media has many limitations that make it difficult to engage a target audience and engaged customers. Traditional Media have limited capacity to engage people and their demographic are typically static. Social Network is an open tool to allow engagement of target audience through targeted marketing tools. Many companies use social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Etsy, MySpace, and Foursquare to connect with their consumers. These tools provide a way to create relationships and engage with customers. The traditional media generally have limited capacity to allow businesses to connect with their target audience.