A mobile phone, also known as mobile phone, cell phone or hand phone, occasionally shortened to just mobile or hand phone and sometimes shortened again to just mobile, is basically a small mobile phone that will make and receive calls on a short-range radio frequency signal while the user is traveling over a public phone network. In today’s modern society a mobile phone can be used for a variety of purposes such as making and receiving calls, accessing the internet, playing games, taking pictures, and many other uses. A mobile phone can have some features added on to it that will allow it to perform multiple tasks. Some phones can even allow the user to surf the internet. While there are many different types of mobile phones, a person can choose from there are several types of mobile phones that rank near the top of the list in popularity. The three types of most used mobile phones are listed below.

The first of the three types of mobile phones is the Blackberry. The Blackberry was designed specifically for the corporate executive who needed to have a portable phone that could be easily taken with him from office to office. This type of mobile telephone works very similar to a cellular systems except it also has a miniature keyboard that makes it easy to use. Blackberry cellular systems can be purchased for just about any price but the average price for a Blackberry is around $400.

The second most popular and widely used mobile device are the iPhone. The iPhone was designed by Apple Inc. and is one of the most popular and successful gadgets in the world. The iPhone software application and the hardware itself can be used almost anywhere in the world and because of the large selection of content available for the iPhone, it is considered one of the best cell phones on the market today.