What is a mobile phone? A mobile phone can be defined as a compact electronic device that has call forwarding, call waiting, and call conferencing features for making and receiving calls in both directions at the same time. A mobile phone can be defined as a handset that has all or most of the functions of a standard telephone handset, including telephone dialing, dial by name, call forwarding, and call waiting features. Sometimes referred to as a cellular phone or cell phone, mobile phone or even hand phone, cell or only hand phone may sometimes be shortened to just cell or simply mobile.

There are many manufacturers of the latest mobile phones and many more mobile phone service providers who also offer the latest versions of these phones. With the competition among the manufacturers and the providers in the field of mobile phones, the prices of these handsets have fallen considerably over the years and the features and performance levels are getting better almost on a daily basis. One of the best examples of a reputed manufacturer of the latest mobile phones in the market today is the Samsung-series which is widely acclaimed for its high quality mobile phones that are quite reasonably priced. The other leading manufacturers of the latest mobile handsets include Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and many others.

So how does a mobile phone work? A mobile phone can be classified into two major categories: base stations and smartphones. Base stations are devices that connect to a base station such as a major telephone network through a physical wire, a cable or a wireless connection. A smartphone is a separate device that runs on its own operating system and it is powered through the usage of a batteries or through a USB. A third type of mobile device is a hybrid phone that combines both a base station and a smartphone – called a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phone.