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Tech Guide is an online portal providing a collection of the best consumer technology news and reviews. Founded by an electronics industry veteran named Michael Cherry, Tech Guide was founded to provide a source of information for information technology gurus, industry newcomers, professionals, and the general public. In addition to providing a plethora of information on current advances and technologies, the site offers reviews by leading publications and blogs as well as advice by industry leaders and professionals. The site is frequently updated with new resources and links to other helpful sites.

Based in San Francisco, California, Tech Guide is an authority source of information for technology professionals, journalists, and the general public. Considered the online “voice of the industry,” the site provides industry news and reviews from leading publications and blogs, as well as information on emerging technology from industry experts and members of the Electronic Technology Industry Association (ETIA). Through an extensive searchable database, the site enables users to quickly locate the latest products, latest reviews, and industry news. With a membership to the Tech Guide Club, members can gain access to a variety of special offers, industry events, and insider knowledge.

The San Francisco edition of The Tech Guide is published quarterly, monthly, and weekly. The San Francisco edition also includes a host of other helpful resources, including a directory of technology-related magazines, newsletters, book listings, job listings, public notices and alerts, tech-oriented blogs and more. All the materials are designed to provide consumers and information technology specialists with the information they need to make smart technology decisions. The editors routinely update the publication with new articles, information, and new links.