A mobile phone is defined as a handheld telephone, cell phone or mobile phone, sometimes shortened also to just mobile or cell phone and sometimes further shortened to just cell or simply mobile phone. Mobile phones may be used in place of conventional landlines as well as on boats and aircraft. In general, mobile phones are much smaller than their fixed counterparts and come in all different sizes. Some of the latest models are equipped with cameras and other electronic gadgets for the ease of sending messages and receiving photos. Cell phones have the capacity to make and receive unlimited calls anywhere in the world for a relatively long period of time and can be purchased at any price you desire.

As with other devices, it is important to know what type you need before purchasing a new mobile device. Currently there are three basic types of mobile devices for sale. First, there are mobile devices that function more like a notebook computer. These portable computers include smartpods, e-readers, and small form-factor tablets. Second, there are dedicated mobile devices that closely resemble laptops but do not incorporate the battery or other electronics necessary to operate as one.

The third type of mobile device is meant to simulate a larger screen and keyboard of a traditional laptop or tablet computer. Commonly called tablet PCs, these hybrid mobile devices often have larger screens and keyboard, making them a good choice for those who want more mobility and are used on their smartphones for hours on end. Finally, there are smartphones, which are powered by the same technology that tablet PCs use. Generally, a smartphone has the ability to surf the internet, check email, and perform basic functions like sending messages, receiving phone calls, and playing games. There are even smartphones that are capable of functioning as multifunctional devices that can perform both tasks!