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Tech Guide – A Consumer driven Source of Compelling and Informative Contract Management Software Solutions

Tech Guide is an ultimate resource of consumer driven tech news and technical reviews. Headquartered in San Francisco, Tech Guide – formerly named Electronic Product Information Magazine – is a web-based magazine that brings you consumer driven tech news, reviews, expert tips, online tutorials and other information on a number of technology gadgets and topics. They also have a free Bimonthly tech newsletter that subscribers can sign up for. They do not accept advertisers. They are also one of the fastest growing internet publications covering the gadget, computer, digital media, gadgets and the technology industry.

Tech Guide is published by Abode Products, a division of Applied Software Products Corporation. The company’s flagship product is the Contract Management Software Solutions, also known as C3iot. C3iot is a powerful and flexible software solutions delivery tool that helps contractors manage their projects from all management perspectives, including project scheduling, budget management, payment processing, and communication. The company has also launched other products including the PaaS Solution and enterprise resource planning software solutions.

Tech Guide has become very popular with many users as it provides the latest information on the hottest and cutting edge technology. If you are looking for contractor management software solutions, then the best place to look is Tech Guide. You will get a detailed and concise overview of the latest software solutions, along with information on how to implement them in your organization.