Mobile Phones – Make Calls and Receive Calls

A mobile phone, mobile cell or simply mobile phone, sometimes shortened to just mobile phone or cell phone, is basically a portable phone which will make and receive calls on a radio signal that is transmitted by a base station to a receiver. There are many different models of mobile phones available in the market today, and each one has its own unique set of features and capabilities. Before purchasing a new mobile phone one should be able to assess his needs and requirements, in other words what type of mobile phone would he want to buy? A mobile phone is not just for making calls, these can be used for data transferring as well.

Mobile phones are also used for communication purposes while driving. They can be configured to make hands free calls to any destination with a built in Bluetooth device so that you don’t have to carry a cell phone with you always. A good feature of most latest mobile phones are GPS/GPRS/RF proximity sensor with a push of a button they can locate their position in real-time, as long as there is a transmission signal. A feature which is very useful when you are lost in a dense forest or a place where cell phones are unreadable. This is because you will be able to locate your cell phones safely with the help of a base station.

There are different varieties of mobile phones available in the market, they are the Classic, the Smart and the Mini. These are differentiated by the size, the design and the features which are included in them. The Classic mobile phones were introduced in the market during the late 80s, they are simple and have only a few key features which are an alphanumeric dialing facility, with an integrated speaker and a memory containing the compose messages, clock and the local time. These make calls and receive calls, they can be used to send and receive messages and can also be used for composing e-mails and other applications which require instant messaging support. The Smart phones on the other hand are designed to be used with an Internet connection, they have increased in popularity since they perform the functions of the classic phones, they can be used to browse the web, play games and listen to music players.