Technology is more than just a series of technical skills-it is an ever-changing, ever-evolving learning experience. Effective technology education involves the systematic teaching of new technologies in the context of their practical uses. A well-rounded tech guide offers the essential foundation necessary to engage students in technology-based learning. A comprehensive and dynamic guide inspires, provides inspiration, and empowers students to engage in new and innovative ways of learning. A tech guide can motivate students to think critically and creatively.

Technology education includes information about: hardware, software, network, and communication considerations; current issues; industry trends and product applications; training requirements; application development; design considerations; e-commerce considerations; and understanding and applying the principles of cost reduction and elimination. A competent tech guide provides the necessary information to answer the questions: How will my company benefit from using new and emerging technologies? What are the components of a successful tech guide? How do I create a good business case for implementing new software?

An effective guide identifies potential technology applications from the perspective of the target audience. It then systematically presents these technologies in a manner that engages students on all levels of the learning spectrum. An excellent tech guide is the key to a successful project. The right tech guide makes it easy for project managers to: Implement important decisions without going back to the drawing board. A smart tech guide ensures that project managers get the most value out of their software and systems investments.