A mobile phone, mobile, phone or hand phone, sometime shortened to just mobile, cell or simply hand phone, is typically a small portable phone that may make and receive calls on a radio frequency signal while the user is traveling within a phone service area. In this modern age, many more phones are available than ever before, with additional options such as GPS or other communication options. In addition, there are many different styles, brands and models of mobile phones available today than there have been in years past.

A mobile phone is considered a portable electronic device used by the individual for communication of personal, business or social purposes. In addition to making and receiving calls, a mobile phone may also be used to access the Internet, send and receive email messages, play video games, take pictures and videos, check your bank balance or purchase goods and services via the Internet. As a result, a growing number of people are opting to use their cell phones as their primary way to communicate rather than a traditional brick and mortar establishment. A mobile phone offers the convenience of making or receiving calls while traveling from one location to another.

Mobile marketing has taken off in a big way in the recent years, especially with the introduction of smart phones. Smartphones offer consumers a new way to communicate and interact with others while on the go. Smartphones are excellent mobile marketing tools for small businesses, since they are widely available and affordable. Plus, they are excellent for promoting your business because consumers often carry around their smartphone when they travel, run errands or attend meetings. Small businesses benefit by offering their customers’ mobile marketing options on their smartphones, which can help them target their most potential customers.