A mobile phone, mobile, hand phone or simply hand phone, sometime shortened to just mobile, phone or hand, and sometimes called a cell phone is a small portable phone that typically will make and receive calls on a pre-arranged channel while the user is traveling within a designated telephone service region. The term mobile phone may be used in place of the term telephone which is often used to refer to a landline telephone. In other places, the terms telephone and mobile are used interchangeably but the latter is generally used to refer to a model of telephone which has greater capacity and call forwarding options than its counterpart. In some cases, some models of hand phones are equipped with a feature which allows the call to be transferred to a landline when it is moved within a certain distance of the base station. Generally, a mobile is purchased to use as a second line of communication for the use of personal or private telephone conversations.

Smartphones are capable of many advanced call processing functions, including but not limited to, text messaging, internet browsing, entertainment functions and games. Smartphones are also capable of providing users with an enhanced form of communication through the usage of text messaging, internet application and game support, and media features. However, the recent advances in operating systems and software solutions have enabled smartphone users to enjoy a better mobile communication. As a result, a number of smart phone manufacturers have introduced devices which come with a complete range of exciting mobile applications and features, as well as a superior range of hardware and software solutions which enable users to take advantage of these applications and devices. Some of the best mobile device manufacturers include Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, BlackBerry, AT&T and Verizon.

Mobile devices running on major operating systems such as Android, iPhones iOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian provide users with a versatile multimedia tool that enables the user to access a vast variety of media across a wide variety of device options. Some of the latest smartphones also support high resolution images and high definition video recording, while others offer high speed cellular connections and some have advanced video playback features. Tablets are another type of mobile device, which have come to occupy a significant part of the overall market. The tablet market includes devices such as iPads 2, Kindle Fire, Nook and Kindle Read-to-Share, as well as many others.