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Tech Guide is an online source of top consumer technology news and opinions. headquartered in San Francisco, California, Tech Guide offers technology education to millions each year via more than 175 college locations online and on campus. A variety of resources are available to help students gain a basic understanding of technology. News and articles provide current information on important technologies that are of interest to college students.

The information provided by tech guides is frequently updated and can be easily found with a simple search engine. Students may also register for regular e-mail newsletters from the site for a chance to receive updates before visiting the campus. Students can subscribe to a variety of topics including: Contractor Management Software Solutions, Wireless Networking, Bluetooth, Consumer Electronics, Digital Light Processing, Consumer Electronics Safety, Education, Industrial, Medical, Consumer Technology, Radio Frequency Identification, Computers and Technology, and Video Game Hardware. These are just a few of the topics covered. There are also several magazines for college students on topics ranging from movies to games to real estate. In addition, there are several technical publications that are geared for industry professionals and have valuable information about wireless networking, software solutions, manufacturing, education, healthcare, consumer electronics, and computer science/mechanical engineering.

The websites of Tech Guide are frequently updated and contain valuable information on cutting edge technology. They also offer handy links for students seeking additional information. Students can search an extensive directory of industry related publications using keywords such as: wireless networking, Bluetooth, technology, computer technology, and wireless/networking. A quick search using the aforementioned keywords will provide hundreds of results in which provide valuable information on topics ranging from the latest technology news to handy links to current job openings. Students are encouraged to utilize this resource because it is fast becoming the go to place for technology information.