A mobile phone, mobile, cellphone, hand phone, also sometimes shortened to just cell or simply mobile phone, is basically a portable phone that could make and receive calls on a cellular signal through a radio service. Cellular phones are not restricted to use with cellular lines, but it is possible to talk as well using a mobile phone or even a PDA device when you are not in a public place with a cell phone signal. Many people are utilizing their mobile phones as a form of communication while they are traveling from place to place. Some people carry cell phones as they go for camping and hiking excursions. A mobile phone has become a necessity for many people because they have to be mobile and ready to take advantage of the most current technologies such as the internet and emails to stay connected with their friends and family.

Many service providers offer mobile service plans with unlimited calling minutes and various plans for data usage. With a mobile service plan, you will have unlimited use of both the talk and data simultaneously as long as there is transmission through the base unit and the approved cell towers within the coverage area. For instance, if you are at your home and your cell phone is inside your home, you will have an unlimited data plan. However, if you are at work and you need to be connected with your friends or family for any reason, you will be able to make and receive calls even while you are away from home using the talk time and the data usage.

The market for smart phones is continuously growing because of the variety of mobile devices now available on the market. Smartphones are equipped with various features such as cameras, music players, text readers and Internet browsers. The apps for mobile devices have increased tremendously over the past two years because of the wide acceptance of these handsets. Most people prefer to download free apps instead of paid apps to enhance the performance of their smartphones and increase their chances of getting new app downloads. As a result, more developers are trying to create applications that are compatible with different smartphones and tablets.