What Are Mobile Phone Accessories?

A mobile phone, mobile cell, hand phone, sometime shortened to just mobile, phone or hand, and sometimes called by other names, is a small portable phone that can make and receive call while the user is traveling within a phone service area while not using a landline. Cell phones are regulated by the FCC and are subject to some of the same rules and requirements as home phones. Most all cell phones must have a lock on them when they are in a vehicle. In some cases, when a mobile cell is used in a vehicle it may also need to have a GPS receiver so that the owner may be able to track their location.

Some mobile phones come with an external speaker, which is very helpful if you have children who like to make phone calls from a distance. When a call comes through the speaker, it is amplified for hearing around you. Many cell phones also come with a microphone, which works well if you plan on doing live interviews, or speaking to a large group of people. These microphones are usually located in the ear piece of the mobile phone. The microphone attached to your computer will produce a much clearer sound than one attached to your mobile phone.

In order to use your mobile phone while traveling, you will need an external speaker or headset connected to your cell phone. An external speaker connected to your cell phone will enable you to hear the caller clearly. If your mobile phone has a camera, you will need to connect this camera to its USB port. The camera will capture the image seen on the cell phone screen when the user receives a call. This allows the user to take pictures of the caller or other people when they call without having to physically take their cell phones out of their pockets. Mobile phones are wonderful, but should be used carefully, especially if you are calling important or private information.